If you feel conscious about tooth discolouration or embarrassed to smile then tooth whitening offers you an easy and painless solution to restoring your teeth to a brilliant sheen.

Many of our daily routines namely drinking coffee, smoking as well as natural age discolouration can lead to teeth becoming stained tooth whitening works to reverse the staining of your teeth caused by such routines and can restore your teeth to a natural whiteness of up to ten shades lighter.

In nearly all cases, tooth whitening is completely painless. Though in other cases it may cause some tooth sensitivity. How much tooth sensitivity depends on the individual. In some cases patients can undergo an intense whitening course and not feel any sensitivity. On the other hand some patients may undergo one day of whitening treatment and feel a lot of sensitivity. Either way, all sensitivity will go away once the course of treatment ends.

Typically, after a course of whitening teeth will maintain their sheen for approximately 1 to 2 years. However, habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, red wine or tea can cause teeth to darken.

If you feel that your teeth have lost their original whiteness, or have already had your teeth whitened and are looking to restore their original luster, speak to Salman about the options available and which treatment would be best suited and effective for you.

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