Many people that wear traditional dentures feel that the treatment is now dated and may consider alternative treatments such as dental implant therapy.

This is not necessarily the case. Using the latest cutting-edge dental techniques, the best materials and superior knowledge of denture design, Dr Salman is able to construct cosmetic dentures that not only look and feel great, but can also help to restore the look of your whole face.

A stable set of cosmetic dentures is key to comfort and functionality. Using specialist equipment, Dr Salman Malik will be able to create a bespoke set of dentures that provides comfort and bite to the highest level of accuracy.

In addition to function, dentures also play a huge part in overall cosmetic makeover. Dr Salman Malik is experienced in creating dentures that look just like a normal set of teeth. This means that the shade, shape and size and position will be tailored using high-tech digital equipment to ensure that your dentures look as natural as teeth themselves.

Dentures also play a big part in facial aesthetics. Many existing denture wearers may have found that their face and lips have collapsed somewhat, constituting to a more aged look. Salman can help to reverse this with a set of dentures designed to promote your facial structure and to reverse aged facial structure.

Cosmetic dentures may need very precise adjustments to ensure that they retain their comfort and aesthetic quality. Dr Salman Malik is committed to providing his dental patients with committed aftercare to ensure that they are 100% happy with their dentures.

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